Recruiting dealers

In order to further expand the market, Kende is recruiting dealers nationwide. We are very happy to establish long-term and diversified cooperation with you. Welcome to call us for consultation and negotiation.

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Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

Dealer cooperation conditions

Party A: Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical
Party B: Foreign agent

1. Party A appoints Party B to sell Party A's own brand products manufactured by Party A within the valid period.

2. Party B must be a legal business unit. Before signing the agreement, the two parties need to communicate with each other for several rounds. Party B needs to provide relevant legal business certificates.

3. All products are settled in the form of purchase and sale. Party B’s initial order quantity cannot be less than one hundred thousand dollars, and the annual sales volume must also be set. (If the sales volume does not reach a certain amount, Party A has the right to cancel or replace the agent) each time The delivery must be made after Party A receives the payment from Party B (or release the account within the scope of the credit guarantee after consulting the credit guarantee), and then Party A will deliver the goods according to the contract.

4. Party B must sell within the range of Party A's guide price. If there is any price adjustment, it must be notified in writing and can only be changed after obtaining Party B's consent.

5. Party B must provide no less than 10 square meters of stores or special counters to sell Party A's products, and agree to decorate and display according to Party A's requirements, and Party B will pay for the decoration costs.

6. Party A agrees to give back to the agent at the end of the year in the form of goods rebates, and can also provide customer support with a few points based on regular quotations. Individual promotional products are provided at special prices, and the settlement method can be determined separately, or it can be done in an echelon mode Quotation, which is set according to the scale of Party B and the specific purchase quantity.

7. Party A agrees to compensate agents at a certain percentage for participating in industry exhibitions to promote Party A’s brand products and advertising investment. Party A can provide Party B’s related souvenirs, cultural shirts and other products with Party A’s brand LOGO printed on them for marketing promotion.

8. Party A will hold overseas dealer conferences from time to time for the promotion of new products or promotional activities for a certain type of products. Party B must actively participate. At the same time, both parties must contact regularly and visit regularly.