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Kende holds nearly 200 national patents, utility model patents and industrial design patents. At present, Kende has become a model enterprise in terms of patents and an enterprise in the welding machine industry. The trademark KENDE has become a famous brand at the national, provincial, municipal and industrial levels.

Kende constantly focuses on intelligent research and development and masters cutting-edge technologies. Kende is a Car Battery Charger Starter Factory and Smart Battery Charger Company. Today, Kende sells products worldwide and has adopted internationally advanced technologies. Some techniques fill the gap in the domestic welding industry.

At present, Kende has many products. All kinds of welding machines, including Manual Metal Arc (MMA)or Stick welding machines, Tungsten Inert or argon Gas (TIG)shielded arc welding machines, MIG (Metal Inert Gas)/MAG (Metal Active Gas)or Gas shielded Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) machines, Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)machines, Resistance Spot welding machines, Laser welding machines, Laser cleaning machines, Robot welding system and Air Plasma Arc Cutting machines. All types of battery chargers, including 6V, 12V and 24V chargers.All types of heaters, including electric heaters, LPG fuel gas heaters and diesel and kerosene or fuel oil heaters.

MIG/MAG/NBC semi-automatic gas shielded arc welding machines include all digital, intelligent and microprocessor controlled metal inert gas (MIG)and metal active gas (MAG)series welding machines, and No gas shielded Flux wire welding machines. They can weld thin, medium-thick and thick materials, for example, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper brass, etc., and can realize low-spatter welding. Excellent arc characteristics, good performance and high welding quality. Easy welding operation.By using all digital intelligent, microprocessor controlled and high-end MIG or MAG gas shielded arc welding machines, and No gas shielded Flux wire welding machines, high-quality weld can obtained, and improve greatly the production efficiency.

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Introduce of car battery charger:

A car battery charger is a device that is used to recharge the battery of a car when it is not holding a charge or has been drained. Car batteries are used to start the car's engine and provide power to the electrical systems, and need to be recharged periodically to maintain their performance and lifespan.

There are many different types of car battery chargers available, including manual chargers, automatic chargers, and trickle chargers. Manual chargers are typically the most basic and require the user to manually control the charging process. Automatic chargers are more sophisticated and can automatically adjust the charging rate based on the condition of the battery. Trickle chargers are designed to maintain the charge of a battery over an extended period of time, and are often used to maintain the charge of a battery that is not being used regularly.

To use a car battery charger, you will need to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. This typically involves connecting the charger to the battery, selecting the appropriate charging settings, and starting the charging process. It is important to follow the instructions carefully and to use the correct safety equipment to ensure that the charging process is performed safely.

Car battery chargers are an important tool for maintaining the performance and lifespan of car batteries, and are widely available from a variety of manufacturers. They are an essential part of car maintenance and can help to ensure that your car's battery is always ready to go when you need it.

Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is a manufacturing facility that specializes in producing car battery chargers.

In a car battery charger Manufacturers, the chargers are typically manufactured using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art machinery. The chargers are typically designed and tested to ensure that they meet the required standards and specifications, and are capable of efficiently and effectively charging car batteries.

Production of car battery charger:

The production process for a car battery charger can vary depending on the specific design and specifications of the charger. However, some common steps in the production process may include:

Design: The first step in the production process is typically the design of the charger. This may involve creating detailed drawings and prototypes to ensure the charger meets all necessary specifications and functions properly.

Material selection: The next step is selecting the materials that will be used to make the charger. This may include choosing the types of metals, plastics, or other materials that will be used in the construction of the charger.

Manufacturing: Once the materials have been selected, the individual parts of the charger can be manufactured using various techniques such as machining, casting, or injection molding.

Assembly: After the individual parts of the charger have been manufactured, they are typically assembled into a complete unit. This may involve attaching components together using screws, bolts, or other fasteners.

Testing: Before the charger is released for sale, it is typically tested to ensure it functions properly and meets all necessary standards and specifications.

Packaging: Finally, the completed charger is packaged in a way that protects it during shipping and makes it easy for the user to set up and use.