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Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. 2021.12.17
Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. Company News

Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. (Kende) is one of the urban dream creators. Kende carries forward the spirit of craftsmen and focuses on lean production. 

Aiming to become the larger and stronger welding equipment manufacturer in the world, Kende full of enthusiasm is pressing ahead according to the Made in China 2025 strategy.    

At the beginning, Kende was just a small workshop with several sets of simple and crude equipment and few talents. At present, Kende has three large production bases which are Luqiao Factory, Linhai Factory and Pengjie Factory with a total area of nearly 200 thousand square meters. Pengjie Factory covers an area of 80 thousand square meters. 

Kende has a rate modern office environment, advanced production equipment and a batch of high-quality innovative technical research and development teams. Kende has become a world-famous enterprise and a model in the industry. 

The original goal and concept of Kende is to become an enterprise which is willing to be the first and do small things and has hopes.

After decades of exploration, Kende has always adhered to the spirit of craftsmen.

Over the years, Kende has centered on the market management concept of gaining a large market share by small products and become strong by the large market share and allowing equipment instruments to enter tens of thousands of households, and insisted on development by making independent innovation and taking practical action. 

At present, Kende has set up national and provincial enterprise technology R&D center, undertaken and successfully completed two national Torch Program projects and won multiple awards for technological projects and new products.

Kende holds nearly 200 national patents, utility model patents and industrial design patents. At present, Kende has become a model enterprise in terms patents and a  enterprise in the welding machine industry. The trademark KENDE has become a famous brand at the national, provincial, municipal and industrial levels. 

Kende is also a main participator in drafting standards for the welding machine industry and has participated in the formulation of 20 national and industrial standards. Kende has taken the lead in obtaining the certifications of the ISO 9001 international quality management standard, the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Kende produces and exports nearly 1.2 million welding machines, chargers and heaters every year, with the annual production capacity of 2 million sets. Kende is one of the enterprises which annually produce and export the more welding machines, chargers and heaters in the world. 

Products and Quality—Stable and Reliable Product Quality Contributes to Sustainable Development. 

Great efforts contribute to quality products. Joint efforts exhibit humanity. Kende firmly believes that quality is the life of an enterprise. Kende integrates the quality management concept into the corporate culture by learning and adopting multiple quality management methods, and puts the quality management system in place in actual production.

Kende strictly controls quality in every link from raw material purchase to product delivery, carries out strict quality supervision and controls the quality of purchased raw materials. In production links, Kende carries out the first-piece quality inspection system and guarantees consistent product quality. Kende attaches importance to production details. Before product delivery, Kende conducts a random check on products. Kende carries out the one-vote-down system and effectively prevents substandard products entering the market. 

Kende constantly focuses on intelligent research and development and masters cutting-edge technologies. Today, Kende sells products worldwide, and has adopted internationally advanced technologies. Some techniques fill the gap in the domestic welding industry. 

At present, Kende has many products. All kinds of welding machines, including:Manual Metal Arc (MMA)or Stick welding machines, Tungsten Inert or argon Gas (TIG)shielded arc welding machines, MIG (Metal Inert Gas)/MAG (Metal Active Gas)or Gas shielded Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) machines, Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)machines, Resistance Spot welding machines, Laser welding machines, Laser cleaning machines,Robot welding system and Air Plasma Arc Cutting machines.All types of battery chargers, including 6V, 12V and 24V chargers.All types of heaters, including electric heaters,LPG fuel gas heaters and diesel and kerosene or fuel oil heaters. 

MIG/MAG/NBC semi-automatic gas shielded arc welding machines include all digital, intelligent and microprocessor controlled metal inert gas (MIG)and metal active gas (MAG)series welding machines,and No gas shielded Flux wire welding machines. They can weld thin, medium-thick and thick materials, for example,carbon steel,aluminum,stainless steel,copper brass,etc., and can realize low-spatter welding. Excellent arc characteristics, good performance and high welding quality. Easy welding operation.By using all digital intelligent,microprocessor controlled and high-end MIG or MAG gas shielded arc welding machines, and No gas shielded Flux wire welding machines,high-quality weld can obtained, and improve greatly the production efficiency.

Automatic submerged arc welding (SAW)machines can be used for high-quality,high-efficiency welding in shipbuilding and pressure vessel fields.

Tungsten Inert Gas(TIG)arc welding machines include WSME AC/DC series TIG welding machines, WSM series TIG welding machines and WS series TIG welding machines. AC/DC and pulse current TIG welding processes can weld thin, medium-thick and thick materials, for example,carbon steel,stainless steel,copper brass,etc. Excellent arc characteristics, good welding performance and high quality.

The representative products of manual metal arc (MMA) welding machines are the IN series welding machines, double-supply voltage series MMA welding machines,all supply voltage MMA series welding machines and the wide-voltage, waterproof and dust-proof high-performance welding machines, greatly improve the adaptability and service life of welding machines and can realize good welding performance and high quality.

DN-100E,DN-120T and DN-25 Spot welding machines can weld thin plates of carbon steel,stainless steel,etc.Easy welding operation. 

CUT/LGK Air plasma arc cutting machines include automatic and semi-automatic air plasma cutting machines.They can effectively realize high-quality cutting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals,for example,carbon steel,cast iron,aluminum,stainless steel,copper brass,etc.Excellent arc characteristics, good performance and high cutting quality. Easy cutting operation.

6V, 12V and 24V battery chargers can be quickly used for rapid start and charging of various batteries, and have various protection functions to prevent damage of chargers and batteries.

Heaters include various electric heaters, LPG fuel gas heaters, diesel and kerosene or fuel oil heaters.They can be used for space heating and drying treatment of indoor and outdoor venues.

Kende offers nearly 1,000 product varieties of 10 categories which can totally meet various requirements of different customers in different countries and regions.

Kende draws lesson from and absorbs the internationally advanced management concept to guarantee the idea that quality is the life of an enterprise integrates into all links of sales, production, material control and R&D. In 2003, Kende adopted the advanced Toyota production system. In 2005, Kende introduced the enterprise resource planning management system and other management systems. In 2008, Kende introduced the outstanding performance appraisal model. Kende and employees all have made great progress. The overall performance and capacity of Kende have been greatly improved. A series of measures has greatly enhanced the capacity of Kende in adapting to external changes and laid a solid foundation for Kende to strengthen the quality objective.