Wholesale Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E

Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E
  • Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E

Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E

●Portable, air-cooled

● tongs lock firmly onto materials 
●Tongs Length and Voltage 110V(120V) or 220V(240V)  according customer request                                            

●Works with uncoated mild, galvanized, or stainless sheet steel

  • Technical Characteristics
  • Specifications

Technical Characteristics

●Single phase,portable spot welding, high duty cycle.

●Windings of the welding transformer are made of aluminium wires.

●Small no-load current and Low power waste.

●Easy adjustment,operation and maintenance.

●Long electrode life.

●Can be widely used for spot welding of mild steel,stainless steel and most of non-ferrous metal. 

With complete accessories: tips,carton box.


Rated input capacity Rated
Class of
Welding thickness Net
Machine Size
Technical Characteristics










DN-100 230 50 2.5 8 30 H 1.5+1.5 16 520L
DN-10 230/400 50 2 10 30 H 1.5+1.5 83 830L
DN-16 230/400 50 2.5 16 30 H 2+2 87 830L
DN-25 230/400 50 3 25 30 H 3+3 95 830L

About Us

Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. (Kende) is Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E suppliers and Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E company, Aiming to become the larger and stronger welding equipment manufacturer in the world, Kende full of enthusiasm is pressing ahead according to the Made in China 2025 strategy.
At present, Kende has set up national and provincial enterprise technology R&D center, undertaken and successfully completed two national Torch Program projects and won multiple awards for technological projects and new products.
Kende holds nearly 200 national patents, utility model patents and industrial design patents. At present, Kende has become a model enterprise in terms patents and a enterprise in the welding machine industry. The trademark KENDE has become a famous brand at the national, provincial, municipal and industrial levels.
Kende is also a main participator in drafting standards for the welding machine industry and has participated in the formulation of 20 national and industrial standards. Kende has taken the lead in obtaining the certifications of the ISO 9001 international quality management standard, the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Kende produces and exports nearly 1.2 million welding machines, chargers and heaters every year, with the annual production capacity of 2 million sets. Kende is one of the enterprises which annually produce and export the more welding machines, chargers and heaters in the world.
Kende offers nearly 1,000 product varieties of 10 categories which can totally meet various requirements of different customers in different countries and regions.

Development of Kende


In December 2001, Zhejiang Kende Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was established. It is a joint-venture integrating product development, manufacturing and marketing in China electric welder industry.


we anticipate in the draft of national standard of GB 19213-2003 of China electric welder industry, the Chinese enterprise who obtains GS/CE safety certificate of welding machine.In December 2002,we passed ISO9001:2000 quality system qualification, and continue running accordingly.


KENDE was assessed as Taizhou High-tech Enterprise;


KENDE series welder products ranked in China electric welder industry in both production volume and export volume, and was assessed one of the more important export enterprises.KENDE was assessed as Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise; KENDE was classified as National High-tech Enterprise in the same year;


In May 2005, Kende was the Chinese National Torch Plan undertaker for “LGK-30 air plasma arc cutting”. In December 2005, KENDE trademark was assessed as Taizhou well-known Trademark;we passed ISO14001 environmental system certificate, and continue running accordingly.


In June 2006, KENDE was listed in Taizhou Top 50 Private-owned Enterprises; In July 2006, Kende was listed as Zhejiang high-tech enterprise R&D center.


In Feburary 2007, Kende was listed as one of the more important high-tech enterprises by Torch high-tech industry development center of Ministry of Science and Technology. In August 2007, Kende was assessed as Taizhou Enterprises Technical Center. In September 2007, Kende was assessed as National Torch-plan important high-tech enterprises. In December 2007, KENDE products were assessed as Zhejiang Well-known products;


In April 2008, Kende trademark was assessed as well-known trademark (Judicial cognizance)


In December 2009, Kende was assessed as National High-tech Enterprise.


In December 2010, we passed GB/T28001:2011 Occupational Health Safety System certificate.


In July 2011, Kende was assessed as Zhejiang Enterprises’ technical Center by Zhejiang Economy and Information Committee.

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