RSN-1000/1200 Digital control Drawn Arc (DA) Stud Welding Machines

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RSN-1000/1200 Digital control Drawn Arc (DA) Stud Welding Machines

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Technical Characteristics

●Advanced microprocessor and LCD display control technology.

●High-duty cycle. The contactless point control technology is used in the main circuit, and the reliability of the machine is high

●Touch button operation. The porcelain ring or gas protection can be selected. Some welding parameters can be selected and set. The welding parameters are stable, which provides a reliable guarantee of stable welding quality.

●The switch of the welding torch, contact situation between the workpiece and the welding torch, protective gas, and temperature control, can be tested The technical measures are perfect.

●Short welding time, which can be set between 0 and 3-second seat Afect Zone of welding is small, so the post-welding deformation of the workpiece is very small.

●Suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and its alloy studs. the machine can be widely used.The diameter range of studs isΦ2~Φ10(RSN-1000) /Φ12mm(RSN-1200).

●Fast welding speed, high quality of welding joint.

●High efficiency, small volume, lightweight, easy to move, and beautiful appearance

●Three-phase 380V, 50 Hz power supply.




Supply Voltage (V)


Frequency (HZ)


Rated input power


Instantaneous input maximum power (KVA)


Rated no-load voltage (V )


Welding current adjustment range (A)


Max. output current (A)


Rated load duration (%)


Weldable peg diameter (mm)


Weldable peg length (mm)


Power factor (Cos) 


Protection class (IP)


Insulation class 


Weight (Kg)


Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)

(L650 W550 H600)  


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