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Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. 2022.12.01
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Stainless steel is very sensitive to heat, and spot welding is an excellent technique for joining these materials. A portable spot welder can be a great tool for these applications because it offers the perfect over-charge and over-discharge protection. It also has an adjustable output power for six grades of welding, which provides more accurate and stable welding.
The welding machine has an anodized surface that is fireproof and wear-resistant. It also comes with a carrying case. It has a flexible operation and can weld various kinds of metals, such as steel, brass, and iron. It is also a power bank, which means it can continuously weld thousands of points.
Series Spot Welding Machines DN-100E outer body is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which makes it durable and lightweight. It is also built with an LED light to help work in low light conditions.
The spot welder comes with an integrated handle and torch wrap. This helps to make it easier to carry and move. It also features a simple welding mechanism that makes it easy to insert materials. The spot welder weighs only 19 pounds.
This spot welder is a good value for your money. It also comes with an extra pair of welding tips. This allows you to use more welding tips and save on consumables.              
This portable spot welder is powered by a 3 AA lithium ion battery and boasts an impressive input voltage range of 0 to 3 volts. Its power output of up to 650 watts makes it a viable option for the power hungry professional.